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M&L Consulting was founded in 2020. With a mission in mind to provide a platform of education where we partner with our clients to find solutions to their complex accounting and tax issues. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and deliver unique strategies that assist in the needs of their business.

As a team of consultants, we will work with you to structure the financial path of your business with the tools for Accounting/Bookkeeping and Tax advisory. Let us work with you to navigate your business financials and strive to succeed under any economic condition.


Lynne Wittig

Lynne Wittig is a Financial professional with over 20 years of experience; with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and International Business, and a certification as a Pro Advisor from QuickBooks Online she specializes in accounting, system implementation, and business analysis. Her passion for providing financial information began early in her career. Her drive has been to empower individuals and business owners to reach a path of financial independence.


Problem-solving and strategizing to optimize production and minimize cost has allowed her to work for a wide range of industries from fortune 500 to Governmental. When process improvements and implementations become part of the day-to-day operations, that knowledge becomes a tool to identify key areas of improvement to help businesses increase their bottom line, this is one of the reasons for starting M&L Consulting.


Lynne is grateful to offer her knowledge with an individual approach to her clients, providing them confidence in knowing their taxes and finances are handled by a team that understands their needs and has their best interests. She will work side by side to achieve the very best solutions and achieve financial independence.

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