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Need help with creating a solid financial platform but not sure where to turn? At M&L Consulting we count with the knowledge and expertise to help build that financial structure that your organization needs to thrive during

economic fall outs and succeed.

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If you are a business owner you are likely concern with a succession plan and exit strategy. At M&L Consulting we encourage our clients to have strategies in place early on in-the-game to provide a smoother transition.At M&L Consulting we can help you create the succession plan that makes the most sense to you given your financial goals. We will work together to draw the connection between the income needed to fund your future goals and the growth of your business. We will elaborate an exit strategy that takes into consideration the needs of your business and yours. At M&L Consulting our experience has shown us that transitions can be complex and stressful.With our years of experience as both Accountants and Advisors we will help you plot the lines that will be smooth and stress free.

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Tax Prep, Planning

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With years of experience our staff has the knowledge to assist the needs of your personal and business tax. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your specific situation to maximize your return and minimize your liability.

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Have you asked yourself what do I need to do to prepare myself for retirement? If you are like most people you already have a picture in mind of what kind of lifestyle you want to accomplish when you retire. Having a plan in place to meet your retirement goals is the most important step you can take in achieving the retirement lifestyle you desire. The retirement planning process doesn’t happen overnight, but instead evolves over time. At M&L Consulting we provide planning services as dynamic as the lives of our clients. Our financial planners are here to provide you with a comprehensive analysis, we will examine the resources that you have available to meet your goals.

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Business Consulting

and Strategic Planning

We examine the needs of your business by reviewing financial transactions and assist our clients with identifying the areas of improvement. We consult and provide recommendations on how our clients can strategize their financials by using smart tools that will help them in their business growth. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

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A valuation of your business can be a necessary and important tool in a number of circumstances.Whether you are expanding your business, adding,exiting investors or owners,planning for a sale,merger of the company, putting together a succession plan, or providing information for gift and estate tax purposes, a business valuation is a key part of the process.Valuation involves industry trends, financial performance, competitors, products, services, PR and branding, and future prospects for growth. At M&L Consulting we examine your business from a variety of angles.M&L Consulting is experienced in providing comprehensive and accurate valuation services for businesses of all types, sizes, and industries. Using a consistent approach, we develop a business valuation report specific to your business, and in accordance with your current needs and circumstances.

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